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Just wanted to let u know........

This picture was taken on the last day, Saturday, July 27 at Quilter’s Garden.  Geri thought we should have a toast to our wonderful 19 years in Princeton, IL. It was quite a day! You guessed it, the picture at the right is the store emptied out.  Yes, I know it is sideways! Lol! I worked and worked to try and upload it so it was the correct direction, but then I figured nothing is perfect and I am choosing my priorities.  My top priority is to thank you all for making Quilter’s Garden a success.  Beth and I both said we always worked with the best!  It has been a privilege to serve you for 19 years. “My Esther” said Quilter’s Garden was her sanctuary and that is exactly what we wanted it to be!  As you look at the slightly askewed picture at the top right, it looks very empty; however, it looks full of memories to me.  I see quilts being created, friendships being made, a lot of laughter, finished projects being shown, sharing, retreats and trips being planned, and dreams being fulfilled.  As Anita Obenhaus left, she said, “ It has been a good ride.” I have to agree!  Thank you also for all of the kind words and well wishes during the closing.  It is what kept me going!

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my awesome staff, family and special friends for all their hard work.  They went above and beyond.  I told everyone they wouldn’t want to meet Kay, Janice or Nicole in the back lot as they had built some mighty fine muscles by the last day! They were right beside me all the way!  Over the 19 years, we were blessed to have such a fine and devoted staff!  (Including Vyron who was called MANY times for jobs the rest of us couldn’t seem to accomplish!)  My family has also been there throughout the entire 19 years.  My husband, boys and brother-in-law, Randy, were there to move us in and they were there to move me out. (With the addition of a grandson!) My mom was always helping wherever needed and my sister, nephew and brother did more “moving” of things than they would care to admit!  And of course I can’t forget to thank Geri and Norma for all the treats and Peg for her constant support.  My reps, Lisa Barnes from Handi Quilter and Stacie and Paul from Checker walked with me the whole time!  It is very hard when you start listing those you want to thank as the list could go on and on.  Now I know how someone feels when they win an Emmy Award! LOL!

The past few weeks have been extremely busy.  I took 2 weeks off to spend with family and friends. (And to catch up on some sleep!) I took 2 mini vacations with my grandkids, spent some special time with friends and played at a wedding for a very close friend of the family.  

    On August 14, I started my new job as manager at Quilting in the Valley in LaSalle.  Lisa said my garden moved into her valley!  Now, to say the correct name when I answer the phone!  Some habits are hard to change.  I have to say I am soooo impressed with her operation.  Of course I’m sure you have heard her operation will be growing even larger in the next 2 years!  We had a planning meeting all day Friday and let me tell you, there is a lot of exciting plans being made that will continue her focus of educating quilters!  Did you know she will give Bernina Mastery classes to anyone who has purchased a Bernina in the current machine line up no matter where you purchased your machine?  Now that is customer service!  Call 815-410-5068 or check out her website at  We will be at The Gems of the Prairie Quilt show in Peoria this weekend.  Come and see us!

Now for those of you waiting to have quilts quilted, I will start quilting again the first part of September.  I only have a few quilts at my home and I will be contacting those who are on my list as soon as possible.  I am so sorry for any inconvenience, but with all of the major changes in my life, I am doing the best I can!  I have had to totally revamp the rooms in my house to make room for my quilting machine! When you don’t have a basement, you must become very creative!  Lisa is graciously allowing my customers to drop off and pick up quilts at Quilting in the Valley.  I will call those on the list when I am ready for the quilts.  Also, if you prefer, Kay has offered her home in Princeton as a drop off and pick up.  I will give you her address and phone number when I talk to you if that is what you prefer.  If you need to contact me, call or text me at 815-303-8850.

A lot of fabric has passed through the doors of Quilter’s Garden since that opening day on March 10, 2000.  I don’t know who was more excited.  Our moms or us!  My dad taught me to always count my blessings.  If I was to list my blessings, it would begin with thanking God for giving Beth the vision to open a quilt store and His guidance in having her include me in the plan.  He was right there next to us the entire 19 years!  My blessings would also include each of you. It is hard to not become “sappy” when my heart is so full.   Thank you again for allowing me and “Aunt Sewzy” to be a part of your lives!

Come and visit me at Quilting in the Valley!  I will look forward to seeing you there!

As my Grandmother Forney always said, Ta, Ta.......

Quilter's Garden