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Just in, Just done & Branson!


We've been keeping Matt the UPS driver busy!  Lots of new fabrics have been arriving.  Which means we have lots of new projects ready to share!  Check out our new table runners and table toppers.  Our newest addition is the Star 60 degree Topper.  We have them in several fabric choices and guess what????  I bet you already have a 60 degree ruler that has been collecting dust.  Get it out and make one of these fun toppers!  The One Hour Border Runner is made from our new collection from Poppie Cotton.  We are already out of the focal fabric, but it is on order!

Oh my!!  Branson is getting soooo close!  I am enclosing an itinerary.  We will be pulling out at 6:30 AM sharp on Tuesday, April 2 so please be in the parking lot by 6:15.  If you plan on buying souvenirs, throw in an extra bag or a Sharpie marker to mark your bags.  Also, remember to dress in layers.  The bus driver always does his best to accommodate, but some like it cold and some like it hot! - For the itinerary, click HERE! - CJ Newsom's Country and Comedy show will be on Tuesday night.  You are in for a treat!  I would classify her singing as "smooth" and definitely classify the comedy as "hilarious!"  ------OH, if you are getting on the bus in Peoria, if you haven't done so, please send me the make of your car and the license plate number.  I will be turning it in to security.

Our Bible Studies this week is Block 17, 18 & 19. 
The block on the right is titled "The Patience of Job."  In one of the very first sewing classes I took, the teacher said, "If you quilt, you will rip."  My is that true.  I think if you keep that in mind, you will not get so frustrated when you make a mistake.   It is all a part of the learning process.  Well, in theory anyway!  For your free pattern, click HERE and look for the Bible Studies tab.

Ta Ta!

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