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Beth is RETIRING!!!

Yes, you read the subject correctly----the time has come for Beth to retire.  Her grandchildren, family, Arizona,  grandchildren, family, Arizona (you get the picture) are calling her.  I am so blessed to have had the best partner in the world for almost 19 years.  My mom reminded me that 19 years ago when we went to the lawyer to sign the papers for our partnership, he told us not to go in too deep because most partnerships don't make it.  Well, he was WRONG---big-times.  I have referred to her as my soul business-mate and we have become the bestest of friends too!  AND for those of you that know us, you know our husbands have become best friends also.  She is telling us that she will still be around, (probably so she can heckle me), but I wish her lots of fun, laughter, relaxation, rest and the ability to finish all those projects she has had to put on hold for the last 19 years. Well, there are two things for sure that I know she will be able to continue and that is the fun and laughter!  Where Beth is, fun and laughter will always follow her.  So....... going forward........I (Carol) am planning on purchasing Quilter's Garden from her.   Yes, I will continue to have Garden Club, retreats, bus trips and everything you have come to know as Quilter's Garden; however, we have been cleaning out and need to reduce the inventory so I can make it all happen!  Here goes the start of our inventory reduction!!!!!

Over 250 Bolts of fabric $6, $5 & $4 - (1 yd. min. cut)
Select Notions - 30% OFF
Select Quilting Books - $5
Select Fiction Books - $7


Large Quilts - an extra 20% off marked price

Purses - an extra 20% off marked price
All other samples - an extra 10% off marked price

ALL regular price Shannon - 50% OFF (1 yd. min. cut)
ALL Sale Shannon - 60% off (1 yd. min. cut)

Demo prices for demo Handi Quilter Simply and Sweet quilting machines

Demo prices for demo Handi Quilter Stitch 710, 510 and 210 domestic machines.

P.S.--(Beth here-I had not cried until I read this. I want to thank all of our dear quilting friends for supporting our shop and I know you will continue to do so as Carol takes the reigns. It has been a wild ride, tons of fun, and tons of work! But I too feel the partnership could not have been more perfect and certainly divinely guided! I will be around to pick on Carol-she makes it so easy-and yes I hope to get at the 999 projects I have been putting off til after I retire! I know, I know, I will probably be busier than ever with whatever comes along! That's what I am told anyway. I wish you all many hours of doing what you love most!)
P.S.S.--I will still be around until the end of September, so stop by for a visit and to get in on the inventory reduction SALE!

Carol and Beth
Quilter's Garden
Princeton, IL

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