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Garden Club Next Week!

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Wow! Garden Club is next week.  It seems as if we just had club 2 weeks ago.  LOL!  We really enjoyed having Bruce and Diane here from Sew Batik.  We hope you did too!  In case you didn't purchase some of their lovely Rayon Batiks and wish you had, our order is here!  We have many luscious colors.  A new top and vest is on the cutting table and we can't wait to get to them! - Garden Club is Tuesday, May 8 at 10 AM or 6 PM OR Wednesday, May 9 at 10 AM.  Be sure to join us.  Don't forget your show n tell!

For all of you cardinal lovers, we just got this new sample done.  This was one of our great finds in Arizona.  A quilt shop owner designed this pattern and we fell in love with it.  The patterns are flying their way here and will be available soon!

Sandy Friel came in today and said she could hear the Amara humming up in the loft.  Yes, "Miss Rosie" (the name of our Handi Quilter machine) has been humming lots of tunes and loving every minute of it!  If you would like to be put on our quilting list, give us a call. Price for quilting is .0150 per square inch and minimum charge is $30.  We are about 6 weeks to 2 months out.  Here are a few tips we would like to pass on to you for the quilting process to have the best results........

*Please make sure your backing is torn and not cut.  We cannot put it on the frame if it is not torn as we can't guarantee a square quilt.  If we have to tear it, you may be short on fabric so be sure you have purchased enough.  Also, if you need to piece your backing, please iron the seam open.  If you take a generous seam while piecing it,  you can trim off the woven selvage.  Leaving the selvage on will make it draw up when it is quilted.
*Please have the
 quilt top de-threaded (if that is a term).  Of course there are always going to be some stray threads, but that would save lots of time.  Also, if you have a white color or very light color in your quilt, try to make sure any dark threads are trimmed on the back or they may show through.  We want your quilt to be as perfect as possible so we don't want to miss a dark thread!
*We will call you when we are almost ready for your quilt.  If you live a distance, we will take that into consideration and call sooner.  We don't want to have a stack of quilts at the store and be responsible for them so this makes it much easier for us.  If your quilt is already here, no problem.  This is just what we will be doing from here on out.
*Remember, when you purchase a backing or batting for a quilt we will be quilting, you receive a 10% discount.  Woohoo! 
It is so fun seeing everyone's finished quilt tops.  We are proud mama's when we see all of the great quiltmanship of our talented customers!!


Carol and Beth
Quilter's Garden
Princeton, IL

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