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Are You Ready???

Can you believe we will be heading to Branson 1 week from tomorrow? OK, there is alot of information in this email so PLEASE read it to the very bottom!  Thank you!

Don't forget----if you are getting on the bus in Peoria, we need to know your name, make of car and license plate number so we can leave it with security at the Par-A-Dice.

F.Y.I. - Please bring something to eat for breakfast on Tuesday morning if you haven't had it before you board the bus.  We will stop for a restroom break halfway to St. Louis, but will not stop to eat until Cracker Barrel near St. Louis.

We are so happy to have Cheeseman Coaches at the wheel for our trip. We have been working with this company for many years and appreciate their great customer service!  We have attached their policies.  Please take a moment to look this over.  We know you are all wonderful travelers, but just want to cover all of the bases!  Bus Policies

Don't worry about where you are sitting on the bus.  We will take turns when getting off the bus so those who are in the back of the bus don't always have to be last.  Sound good?  We thought so!

After checking the weather, it looks like there is a chance of rain and the temperatures will be in the 50's and 40's. You may want to pack an umbrella(put your name on it). - If you are wondering what type of clothes to take, Branson is very casual.  You can just wear jeans if you choose.  Just remember to dress in layers.  The theaters or the bus could be colder than you like.

Here are our cell phone numbers in case something should come up after store hours on the weekend before we are leaving.  Or you may need our numbers during the trip, so put them in your phone contacts. 

Beth Rosene - 1-815-303-3740
Carol Keller - 1-815-303-8850

TIP:Don't forget to pack all of your charging cords for your electronic devices!  Now don't laugh, but we carry an extension cord when we travel so we have extra outlets to charge everything!

We are asking that everyone fill out an emergency information form.  We will take these and put them in a safe place when you board the bus.  PLEASE put your cell phone number on the outside of the envelope too.  We hope we don't need to use it, but we want to be prepared. You can have them back at the end of the trip or we will throw them away. Emergency Form 

***You may want to bring a collapsible shopping tote to keep your purchases organized.

We know it is early in the morning, but please be ready to board the bus at 6:15 AM as we want to pull out of the parking lot at 6:30.


Carol and Beth
Quilter's Garden
Princeton, IL

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