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Are you looking for a barn project?  Then this is the place for you!  We have lots of barn projects to choose from.  The 4 wallhangings come as a panel and all we did was layer, quilt and bind!  How easy is that?  If you need a runner, towel or a tabletopper, we have you covered.

 We have a teaching moment here.  Maribel is a precision sewer and cutter.  She took the class from Beth to make The Waterwheel tabletopper by Phillips Fiber Art.  It turned out beautiful; however, she came in and said the center was a little "puffy." She didn't think the center would lay flat even after quilting so she asked us what to do?  Being an advanced quilter, we knew it wasn't the seams as the rest of the topper was perfect.  After looking at it, we figured the short ends at the center stretched as she was sewing it together.  Beth had her rip back each center wedge about 2" and resew the seam taking in 2-3 threads more of a seam.  Her result-------Perfection!  Thanks, Maribel, for letting us share this teaching moment.  

Wow!  Block 30 is upon us.  To get your free pattern, click HERE!


Carol and Beth
Quilter's Garden
Princeton, IL

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