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Loss of Florence Ryan, Women of the Bible

Crowns of Glory!
We were saddened to hear of the passing of our dear friend and quilter, Florence Ryan. For those of you who attended Garden Club on Wednesdays, she came with the group from Wyoming and we would find her sitting in the back corner.  At our retreats, she sat across from her dear friend, Shirley King.  Boy, we are going to miss that sweet lady!  Florence always brought in items for the local Freedom House even though she was from the Wyoming area.  She told us that her grandchildren were blessed to have so much and she wanted to give to those who were not as fortunate. Florence had so much love and gave it away so freely.  I knew she was a special person, but after reading her obituary, we knew how special she really was.  If you would like to read her obituary, click HERE.  I was talking to Wanda Stanfield this morning.  I was telling her how much we were going to miss Florence and what a wonderful person she was.  Wanda said, "Just think of all of the crowns of glory she is wearing in heaven."  How true!  We know she is up in heaven making quilts---exactly like her teachers'!  FLorence will be forever missed.

I am going to resend the Women of the Bible, Block 24, to you.  Click Here.


Carol and Beth
Quilter's Garden
Princeton, IL

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