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Getting Close!!!

In a few days, this will be our group standing by the bus!!!  We are so happy to have Cheeseman Coaches at the wheel for our trip. We have been working with this company for many years and appreciate their great customer service!  We have attached their policies.  Please take a moment to look this over.  We know you are all wonderful travelers, but just want to cover all of the bases!  Bus Policies

Don't worry about where you are sitting on the bus.  We will take turns when getting off the bus so those who are in the back of the bus don't always have to be last.  Sound good?             We thought so!

After checking the weather, it looks like there is a chance of rain. You may want to pack an umbrella. - If you are wondering what type of clothes to take, Branson is very casual.  You can just wear jeans if you choose.  Just remember to have a jacket/sweater if you are cold blooded.  The theaters or the bus could be colder than you like.

Oh, we are getting so excited.  We were just looking over the prizes we have to give away!  Woohoo!


Carol and Beth
Quilter's Garden
Princeton, IL

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