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Important Retreat Questions and Supply List

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We can't believe it is June 1st already.  We are finalizing our plans for the retreat.  Final payment is now due and we have a few questions we would like to ask.  If you are interested in having a massage or manicure, would you please e-mail us?  We need to get the times set up and have everything ready to go

Supply List

Quilter rested and ready to have FUN        Thread
Snacks for our Community Snack Table       Marking Utensils/Chalk
Sewing Machine                                           Snacks for snack table
Sewing Machine cords/foot pedal                 Pins
Extension cords/surge protector                  Scissors
Walking Foot                                                Rulers
Sewing Machine Feet                                   Seam Ripper
Extra Machine Needles                                Snacks
Sewing Light Table to put by your work station
Sewing Chair (optional)
Small Cutting Mat                                         Duct tape
Rotary Cutter (with fresh blade or bring extra)
Trash bag to put by your work station

If you are planning on doing our retreat quilt, we have included the yardage and cutting instructions.  Of course you will need the templates that are in the pattern for your dresden pieces.  We are in the process of getting plastic templates made and will have them available at the retreat or we will let you know if they are available before.  These are not hard to cut out so you can wait until the retreat.


76” X 76” Throw/Twin or 92” x 100” Queen

          This quilt consists of 20 delectable mountain blocks and 16 dresden blocks. We feature 2 different styles of Dresden. We couldn’t decide which one we liked better, so we are including both and you can decide—rounded or peaky! Here we go!!!!

Fabric Requirements:

Throw/twin and queen sizes:

          Dresden Wedges—1 jelly roll

          Background—4 yards light

          Delectable Mountains—2 ¼ yards dark

          Dresden Centers—1/3 yard contrast

          Binding—there are enough leftover jelly strips to bind or get 1 yard

Queen Size Only:

          Border #2—1 1/3 yards

          Border #3—2 ¼ yards

Cutting Directions:

From jelly roll

Select jelly roll strips that are a good contrast to your background fabric. From your chosen strips, cut 128 dresden wedges using the Dresden template. Stack as many strips as you are comfortable with cutting to speed up this process.

From background

Cut (4) 13 ½” x WOF strips; subcut (10) 13 ½” squares. From the leftover of your last strip, cut (2) 12 ½” squares to be used in next step.

Cut (5) 12 ½” x WOF strips; subcut (14) 12 ½” squares. Set aside with the other (2) 12 ½” squares you cut in previous step to total 16.

Cut (7) 2 ½” x WOF strips; subcut (20) 2 ½” x 12 ½” rectangles.

From delectable mountains fabric

Cut (4) 13 ½” x WOF strips; subcut (10) 13 ½” squares.

Border #1--Cut (8) 2 ½” x WOF strips.

From Dresden centers fabric

Cut 16 dresden centers using the Dresden centers template.

Queen Size Only: (Yes, strips are cut different sizes to make it longer.)

Border #2—Cut (5) 3 ½” x WOF strips

                   Cut (5) 5 ½”x WOF strips

Border #3—Cut (5) 5 ½” x WOF strips

                   Cut (6) 7 ½” x WOF strips

If you have any questions, give us a ringy-dingy--1 ringy-dingy for Beth and 2 ringy-dingies for Carol--she has always been a little more dingy you know!!!!!!


Carol and Beth
Quilter's Garden
Princeton, IL

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