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It's Here! - No Foolin'!

Our Frozen fabric has arrived!  We are so excited and are planning to make some quick pillow cases for the granddaughters!  However, we can't forget about our grandsons so we have Mickey Mouse and Ninja Turtle fabrics.  Our little guys are going to love them!  New fabric is arriving daily so come in and check it out!

I love April Fool's day.  It happens to be my husband's birthday so it has always been extra fun in our house.  Several years ago, I was playing for a church service at our church in McNabb on April Fool's day.  It took me the whole service to get my courage up!  On the very last hymn, the congregation was supposed to be singing a traditional hymn, and since I LOVE Christmas music, I played "Joy To The World."  They were really stumbling through the song and were all looking around.  I let them "TRY" and sing two verses.  At the end of the second verse, I stopped and turned around and said, "April Fool's!"  The congregation burst into laughter.  Needless to say, there wasn't much reverence left for the rest of the service, but Pastor Susanne said, "If we can't laugh in church, something is wrong!"

TTFN - no foolin'!

Carol and Beth
Quilter's Garden
Princeton, IL

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