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Woohoo! We are taking this time to give all of our customers a big WOOHOO for a wonderful 2014!  As we think back over the year, yes, we think about all of the great projects that have been made; but most importantly, we thank God for the best customers in the world!  Do we love fabric?  Of course we do!  However, it is the relationships that have been created here at Quilter's Garden that keep us going every day. just makes our buttons pop when we think of all of the relationships that have been made because of Quilter's Garden.  We have said it over and over again, "There is nothing like a quilter!"  All you have to do is mention to someone you are a quilter and if they respond they are too------a friend for life!  So, thanks for being our customer, but most importantly, thanks for being our friend!

Carol and Beth
Quilter's Garden
527 S. Main St.
Princeton, IL