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$20 and under gifts!

A big thank you goes out to everyone who attended our program by Karen DeWitt.  Wasn't it grand?  It was so delightful and we are anxiously awaiting her 3rd book in the series.  If you weren't able to make it to the program, we have signed books for you!  The Bunco Club Book #1 is $14.95 and Book #2 is $12.95.  They would make great gifts!  She has become one of our favorite authors.  If you like books about relationships, this one is for you!

Do you still have a few gifts to finish on your gift list?  We have some great gifts under $20.  Our newest addition is our Quilt Dots.  These are magnetic dots and each dot is only $2 each!  We have bracelets ($20), necklaces in silver or copper ($15)
and bag tags (7.50) to house the dots.  Some of your favorite designers have had their work photographed and are on the dots.  You just have to come in to appreciate their beauty!


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