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Retreat info and supply list!!

Woohoo!  The retreat is just around the corner.  Here are the particulars!

Spring Quilt Retreat at Wise Guy’s

Friday, September 20 and Saturday, September 21

***Sewing on Friday and Saturday will begin at 9 AM and you can sew until midnight on Friday and 9 PM on Saturday.  Remember, we will have assigned tables so you don’t have to worry about getting there before 9 AM as we will already have a place reserved for you.

KITS WILL BE AVAILABLE for our Mystery Project on Friday evening!  It is soooooooo cool! 

Supply List


Quilter rested and ready to have FUN                         Thread

Snacks for our Community Snack Table                    MarkingUtensils/Chalk

Sewing Machine                                                          Snacks

Sewing Machine cords/foot pedal                              Pins

Extension cords/surge protector                                Scissors

Walking Foot                                                                Rulers

Sewing Machine Feet                                                  Seam Ripper

Extra Machine Needles                                              Snacks (in case you

Sewing Light                                                                didn’t see above!)

Sewing Chair (optional)                                               Small Table to put

Small Cutting Mat                                                        beside you for cutting.

Rotary Cutter (with fresh blade or bring extra)                

Trash bag to put by your work station                                                                       
***Soda, coffee and water is provided  

Supply List for Grandmother’s Jumping Jack : Carol's Project



***Please have everything cut before retreat so you can get farther on your quilt.

Supplies for 60” X 60”:

Background:  4 ½ yards –

A3 Unit - Cut (24) 3” X w.o.f. strips and subcut (6) 6 ¾”         X 3” per strip to yield 144 units

A1 and A5 Unit – Cut (18) 4 ½” X w.o.f. strips and subcut

(16) 4 ½” X 2 ½” per strip to yield 288 units

Colored Strips – (42) 2 ½” X w.o.f. - (21 to 24 colors will give you a nice variety)- subcut (7) 2 ½” x 5 ¾” per strip to yield 288 units

Borders: (Like mine and not pattern)

Border #1 – 1/3 yd. – cut 1 ½” X w.o.f.

Border #2 – 1 ½ yd. – cut 6 ½” X w.o.f.

(Like pattern) – 1 ¾ yd.

Binding:  ½ yd (2 ½”) or if you cut 2 ¾” – 5/8 yd.


Carol Doak paper with pattern copied – there are 2 per page so you will need 72 pages

Light Box – optional – but soooo nice!

Wooden iron or small iron if you want to work at your station

Post Card – larger one works best

Glue Stick

Add a Quarter Ruler

Rotating cutting mat or small cutting mat


Scrap Baby or Out of the Bag(kit available)

(Choose just one for Beth’s Class)


Scrap Baby Supply List (finishes 48” square)

36-10” squares (It is very easy to make this quilt larger! Check with Beth)

Scrap Crazy Template Set

8 ½” square ruler-optional

3/8 yard binding

Scrap Baby Pattern

Neutral color piecing thread

Cut the 10” squares before class according to the pattern cutting instructions.  Stack all A pieces together, label and place in a ziplock bag. Repeat for B, C and D pieces. 


Out of the Bag Supply List  (finishes 50” x 64” or 90” x 106”)(kit available)

This quilt can be made from scraps, 6” strips or fat quarters. Please select your quilt size and plan your fabric from the pattern requirements. 

Scrap Crazy Template Set

Neutral color piecing thread

Out of the Bag Pattern

Cut your fabric before class according to the pattern cutting instructions.  Be careful to reverse the ruler so half the blocks are mirror image.  If you are using batik fabric as I did, you can simply cut all pieces the same way and flip half of them over.(I know, that’s cheating!) Stack all A pieces together, label and place in a ziplock bag. Repeat for B, C and D pieces. Keep the reversed pieces separated as well.