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Free Motion Mastery - June 1

Supplies:  #1 and #2 are required
1.  A copy of Free-Motion Mastery in a month ($35)
2.  A master trainer tool - 
    standard - ($18)     longarm - ($32)
3.  Tracing sheets - you can purchase the book before class and copy your own or if you are traveling from a distance you can copy your own at the church.  Please copy pages 99, 101, 105, 109, 113, 117, 121 125 and bring them to class with you.
4.  Sketch book and mechanical pencil - around 8 1/2" X 11"  - (a small notebook won't work)
5.  1 empty bobbin and (2) bobbins filled
6.  Extra sewing machine needles, sizes 80/12 - universal or sharp
7.  Thread - 50 weight thread or King Tut 40 wt. (or bring both!)  Choose a thread that you can see on your blocks.
8.  Sewing machine - bring your manual too!
     a.  Bring the extension table or accessory box so you have the full sewing surface to work on if possible.
     b.  Make sure your machine is cleaned, lubricated and working properly.  Sew on it before you come to class to test it.  (Don't skip this step - VERY IMPORTANT!)
     c.  Know how to drop the feed dogs.
     d.  Know how to adjust the tension.  If you have a computerized machine, find the tension adjustment control before you come to class.  (It will save you lots of time in class.)
     e.  Free-Motion quilting foot.  If you do not know what this is or aren't sure if you have one, ask at your sewing machine shop or ask me if you think you have one.  Make sure it is the right foot for your machine and know how to attach it.  Check the presser foot pressure - you want to be able to move your fabric freely under the foot when the presser foot is down.  PLEASE!!!!!  Make sure you have the free-motion quilting foot.  If you don't have one, you won't be able to participate in class. 
9.  OTT light as the church lighting is rather dim.
10.  Extension cords
11.  Sewing chair or pillow to put on folding chair at the church.

Fabric Kit: Available from Quilter's Garden - $10.99  (If possible, come to class with them sandwiched together or if purchasing the kit from me, allow a little extra time before class to get them sandwiched.)

Solid fabric: 2 blocks 12" X 11"
Backing for solid fabric block: 2 blocks 12" X 11"
Large scale print fabric : 1 block 12" X 11"
Backing for large scale print fabric:  1 block 12" X 11"
Batting - (3) 12" X 12" blocks (fusible works great!)
     a blend is preferred instead of 100% cotton - choose an 80/20 or a 70/30.
Quilting Gloves - if you are used to using them, bring them along!

Free Motion Mastery - June 1

$ 39.00