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RETREAT Supply List



Our Retreat at Wise Guys is just around the corner!  Woohoo!  Just a reminder for the hours.  We will sew from 9 AM – 12 midnight on Friday, September 15 and then we will sew from 9 AM – 8 PM on Saturday, September 16.  The beauty of Wise Guys is it is all on one level.  Just pull under the canopy to unload.  Remember, we will have your seats reserved so there is no worry about getting there before 9 AM to save a seat.  Here is a list of supplies:


Quilter rested and ready to have FUN

SNACKS for our Community Snack Table

Marking Utensils/Chalk

**Sewing Machine with cords, foot pedal and instruction book

Pins/Trash bag

Extension cords/surge protector


Walking Foot



Extra Machine Needles

Sewing Light

Table to put by your work station (optional)

Sewing Chair (optional)

Small Cutting Mat – (we also have a community cutting area)



Rotary Cutter (with fresh blade or bring extra)

Small iron (we have several ironing stations available)

Duct tape

RETREAT Supply List